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Do I need to update my Will?

When do I need to update my Will?

Many people make a Will and then forget about it. On their death their life and circumstances have changed dramatically from when they initially documented their wishes.

We would recommend you revisit your Will if any of the following events occur:


Births are a prime reason to ensure that you revise your Will. You may need to update your Will to include these new additions to ensure they are not left out from inheriting any part of your estate.


Unfortunately the death of anybody in your Will is a circumstance which should result in you updating your Will. A death may mean you want to redistribute parts of your estate or rethink your wishes.

Marriage & Divorce

Marriage or divorce whether yours or somebody else mentioned in your Will are common events which impact many people. These events are incredibly important and require you to ensure your Will observes the realities of your current situation.

At Counsl we offer a cost effective service allowing our customers to purchase a bespoke Will and our update service ensures your Will keeps up to date with your ever changing life.