Why use Counsl to obtain your Grant of Probate?

Stress Free

Our Experts deal with all the paperwork, leaving you to focus on other things.


As soon as we have received your completed form, we get to work to obtain probate

Cost Effective

As with all the services that Counsl provides, we offer cost effective solutions and help.

What is Probate?

When somebody dies and has left a Will the Executors will normally apply for the grant of Probate. The grant of Probate provides the Executors with the legal right to deal with a person’s estate once they have died. 


If no Will exists an administrator will normally be the one who makes the application for letters of administration. 


Counsl is here to take the stress out of applying for Probate. Our experts are also able to provide you with full estate administration and if you choose this option the grant of Probate is included for free. Click here to find out more about our administration estate service: Estate Administration

Apply for your Grant of Probate in three easy steps 

Complete our short Questionnaire

Download our quick and easy questionnaire. This questionnaire provides our experts with all of the information required to make your Probate application.

Purchase one of our packages

Simply select from one of our packages shown below and select which type of Probate service is best suited for you. Our team will then review and come back to you with any further questions they may have. Thereafter they will begin applying for your Grant of Probate.

Probate Granted

Once we have obtained your Grant of Probate, this will be popped in the post and sent to you.

Choose Your Package

Simply select from one of the below options:

Probate Complex Estate

£595* Simple Estate

This package is suitable if:

  • All of your assets are in the UK
  • Total estate value is under £500,000 (or left to surviving spouse)
  • You have made gifts of no more than £150,000  in last 7 years

* Price does not include Probate Registry fees of £155 and grant of Probate copies at £1.50 each copy

£895* Complex Estate

This package is suitable if:

  • You have overseas assets
  • Total estate value is over £500,000 (or not left to surviving spouse)
  • You have made gifts worth more than £150,000 in the last 7 years


* Price does not include Probate Registry fees of £155 and grant of Probate copies at £1.50 each copy

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most commonly asked Probate related questions

Do I need to apply for Probate?

Probate is needed in order to secure the legal right to deal with somebody's estate once they have died. 


If the individual who has passed away did not have a Will, letters of administration is applied for instead of Probate. 

Who can apply for Probate?

When somebody has passed away their Will will appoint Executors who are responsible for administering the estate.


The Executors are the ones who will apply for the Grant of Probate. 

If no Will exists normally the individual who inherits the most will apply for the letters of administration.

What obligations does an Executor have?

Where Probate needs to be applied for, the Executors have a responsibility to apply for the Probate. 

Once Probate has been granted, the Executors will be responsible for closing down accounts, selling assets etc. This can be quite burdensome and our Estate Administration Service takes care of this for you. Click here to find out more: Estate Administration

How long does it take until Probate is granted?

Its difficult to put a time period on the grant of Probate. Sometimes it can taker up to 12 months or even longer. 

How do Counsl's Probate prices compare?

We are typically around 70-80% cheaper than using a solicitor but don't think just because we have competitive prices that you will be compromising on quality and service!

What is not included in your fees?

Our fees do not include the Probate registry fee of £155 and each copy of the grant of Probate which is £1.50 for each copy. 


These are standard fees set by the government not by us.