Single Will



This type of Will is written for an individual to record their wishes, and how they would like their estate to be treated when they pass away.


It’s worth noting that, a single Will is not limited to those that are single. You can write a Single Will if you are in a relationship, married or in a civil partnership or even if your partner already has a Will or if their wishes differ to yours, then a Single Will is your best option.


There are two types of Will: “simple” and “complex”. The majority of people need a simple Will; which lets them name executors, nominate guardians for children, state the beneficiaries and divide out their estate.  This package is for a simple Will and you can rest assured that our Wills are always bespoke.


After purchasing your Will, please send us your questionnaire and Order Number.


Once we put your Will together we will send you an initial draft for review (we allow one set of changes for free) and once approved by you we will email your finalised Will to you for printing and signing in front of two witnesses.