Best way to make a Will

What’s the best way to make a Will?

Do I need a solicitor?

The subject of passing away invokes a variety of emotions and thoughts, some of the those, might relate to how you would ideally like to be remembered when you pass away, where you want to be buried or cremated and naturally how you would like to take care of your personal affairs once you are no longer here to do so.

We’re quite sure that we have all, at some point in our lives, had someone recommend that we create a Will and that it’s a complicated process with lots of meetings & conversations with a solicitor. However, does that really mean that we should all be flocking to our local law firm or family solicitor?

Certainly solicitors can be a helpful resource, however, the most common mistake is that a solicitor is the sole avenue for drafting a Will.

What is the best way of writing your Will?

So, a solicitor can certainly be one option in order to write a will, however there is actually no legal requirement for a solicitor to do so. But then we hear you ask, “can anyone simply draft my Will?!”. Well, a Will needs to be drafted in such a way that it maintains and provides for your wishes in legal form, such that a competent court in England and Wales recognises it as your last wishes. For example, this will help avoid the scenario whereby different people are running around with “your Will” trying to claim under it etc.

At Counsl, we differentiate ourselves from other “online Will services”. We aren’t going to present you with fancy logins and online forms that take forever to fill in, which then simply behind the scenes create a bog standard computer generated Will. Our in-house expert team come from industry, focused on a bespoke service, leaving you with peace of mind that your Will is up to date with changes in law and is not drafted by automated software.

We want to ensure that we streamline the Will creation process. To get started, simply download and fill in our quick Questionnaire (Download Here), email the Questionnaire back to us and purchase a Single Will or a Couples Will (two wills - one for you and one for your partner). Our helpful team will then begin drafting your tailor made Will.

No appointments and no hidden costs – we charge £15 for a Single Will and £25 for a Couples Will. By way of contrast, if you were to go to a solicitor, charges can range anywhere from between £200 and £1000.

Counsl will save you a substantial amount of money, without compromising on the quality of the Will, which are two of the very core principles of our business.

Are there scenarios where a solicitor is required for writing a will?

Well from a business context, those with business assets that require allocating, whether in the UK or abroad, could require a solicitor. At present, Counsl does not support this type of Will.

I live outside of England & Wales, can you help?

Unfortunately, Counsl is currently only available for those whose permanent home is in England or Wales.

How can Counsl help?

We’d be most honoured to be of service! Our team are ready to help you prepare your Will using our streamlined process, without complication and without exorbitant costs.

Simply visit our homepage and follow our quick and easy 3 step process to get the ball rolling!