Which Will is best?

Which Will is best?

Which Will is right for me?

Firstly, it’s important to highlight the different types of Wills that are available. These can range from Single Wills, Couples Wills, Mirror Wills, to more complex ones. Each of these Wills offer different benefits and a number of aspects need to be considered prior to selecting the best option for you.

What is a Single Will?

This type of Will is for an individual. It is particularly useful for those who are single or who are no longer with their partner, or that are separated or are widowed. It is also suitable for those who have separate wishes to those of their husband/wife or civil partner. Counsl offers the cheapest Single Will online at £15.

What is a Mirror Will? Do I need a Mirror Will or a Couple’s Will?

Mirror wills are essentially almost identical wills. These wills are usually used where one person in a couple leaves their estate to the other person in the event of their death, for example, when one person in the couple leaves everything to the other and then subsequently to their children (if applicable). The other spouse will also have the converse Will in case of their earlier passing.

By contrast, Couples Wills offer a great degree of flexibility, designed to reflect the ever-changing nature of today’s modern family.

A Couple’s Will allows both partners to have their own individual Wills. They will either be very similar, if not reflect different wishes. By way of example, if you are married and have children, your Will can ensure that your children’s inheritance is protected, irrespective of what your partner has specified in their Will.

Counsl once again offers the cheapest Couples Wills online at £25.00 for both Wills. The Couples Will is aimed at those who are married, have a civil partner, are in a committed relationship, or are making a Will at the same as their significant other.