Why use Counsl to write your Will?

Bespoke Wills

We are not selling you a standard template and we don't use automated software. All Wills are bespoke to your requirements.

Drafted By Experts

All of our Wills are drafted by our experiences Team of Will writers who ensure your wishes are reflected in your Will.

Cheapest Online Service

We are proud to be the cheapest online Will writing service without hidden extras. Our approach to Wills is to offer our customers value for money.

Make your Will in three easy steps 

Complete our short Questionnaire

Download our quick and easy questionnaire. This questionnaire provides our experts with all of the information required to make your will.

Choose your type of Will

Simply select from one of our packages shown below and select the type of Will best suited for you. Once you have purchased a Will, one of our team of experts will review your questionnaire answers and come back to you with any further questions.

Print & sign

Once your Will is complete, we will send your final Will for you to print and sign in front of two witnesses to make it legally binding. Don’t worry, we will also let you know who isn’t suitable of being a witness as well.

Our Will Packages

Simply select from one of the below options

£15 Single Will

This type of Will is written for an individual to record their wishes, and how they would like their estate to be treated when they pass away.

£25 Couple’s Will

This type of Will allows both partners to have their own individual Wills and record their respective wishes and how their estates should be divided.

Why do I need a Will?

Wills are an important way to protect your loved ones.  A Will sets out how your possessions are divided to the individuals you name (called “beneficiaries”) which helps to reduce the chance of any family disputes upon your death.


A Will is a legally binding document which also appoints the individuals called “executors” who will administer your wishes, however if you die without a Will your money, possessions and property (called your “estate”) will be divided according to the law. This is called the law of intestacy which determines how your estate is divided up.  This may mean that your possessions and property may pass to someone you did not wish it to.


Making a Will is one of those things that many people put off. However, a Will can be an important way to protect your family and loved ones. It can save on inheritance tax and head off family disputes about how your possessions should be divided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most commonly asked Will related questions

Do I need a solicitor to make a Will?

No you don't. It is a common misconception that you need to use a solicitor to make a will. In fact using a solicitor can be time consuming and very costly.

Are your Wills tailor made to cater to my circumstances?

In short, yes they are!

How much do your Wills cost?

Single Wills cost just £15 and a Couple's Will costs £25.

I have a partner but I'm not married do I need to make a Will?

Unless you make a Will your partner will not be automatically entitled to any of your estate when you die. If however you do have children (or other relatives if no children) you estate will be divided amongst them.