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Helping you navigate the journey of life

We live in an ever changing world where people are often not prepared for death and all of the processes that come with it. 

Counsl is here to take the weight of your shoulders whether you need to draft a Will to protect your wishes and your loved ones, apply for a Grant of Probate, or simply need help to administer an individual’s estate. 

Counsl’s services are low cost & bespoke and our customer first approach means our experts are always on hand to ensure your requirements are met in a timely manner. 

Our Services


Draft Your Will Today

Use our bespoke Will writing service to complete your Will. Our prices start from just £15 and is the fast and affordable way to protect your loved ones.

Apply For Probate

Applying for Probate is a very complicated process. Counsl takes the hassle away by completing all the necessary steps on your behalf.

Probate Complex Estate

Estate Administration Help

Administering an individual’s estate can be extremely complex. Avoid any mistakes by using our experts who will undertake this for you.